the sun club

Be a part of the ‘sun’ club, Everything will glow for you 

This matte bronzer from Essence does not disappoint, and 15g for $7.15, it is something you need to get.
I am not the tannest of the bunch and even though this bronzer is supposed to be for darker skin it seems to go well for me (but if you are super pale go with a lighter option). It warms up your face nicely and can also be used as a contour because it is matte. It is also available for blondes or lighter skin. 
I am really happy with this purchase. Which bronzers do you really like?
This item was bought with my own money and I was not sponsored to do this post.

diy earring jacket

Earring jackets are the perfect addition to a minimal outfit without making your jewelry over the top. Here is how to make one …

You will need:
crimp clasp
small beads (I have used some fake pearl beads)
hot glue gun + glue
earrings of your choice

How to:
1. Fold the crimp clasp out so it lays flat (this will give you an area to glue the beads to)
2. Choose how you want your beads to sit so they will be visible when the jacket is placed behind your earlobe.

3. Glue the beads on using enough glue to make them stick but not too much as you will then see the glue.
4. Trim any glue strands that are left and your earring jacket is ready to wear. To place on your ear first put in your stud then the earring jacket with the flattest part of it against your earlobe then put on the earring back.
TIP You could make only one of these for an edgy look.

january favourites

I can't believe that the first month of 2015 is over!

Here are my January favourites:
1. Audrey Cateye Sunglasses from Cotton On (Rubi)
These are super pretty, the shape is perfect for my face shape and they go with everything.
2. Russh Magazine
This fashion magazine is amazing, it looks pretty and is super interesting.
3. Kmart Toe Ring
With bare feet in summer a toe ring can look really nice, just make sure your toenails have a pretty polish on!
4. White Eyeliner
I can't remember where this is from but this month i have really been liking creating a white cateye.
5. Virgo Bracelet
This originally belonged to my mum (who I share a birthday with!!) and I think it is really nice and simple.
6. Song - Take Me To Chrurch by Hozier