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Be a part of the ‘sun’ club, Everything will glow for you 

This matte bronzer from Essence does not disappoint, and 15g for $7.15, it is something you need to get.
I am not the tannest of the bunch and even though this bronzer is supposed to be for darker skin it seems to go well for me (but if you are super pale go with a lighter option). It warms up your face nicely and can also be used as a contour because it is matte. It is also available for blondes or lighter skin. 
I am really happy with this purchase. Which bronzers do you really like?
This item was bought with my own money and I was not sponsored to do this post.

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  1. I'm looking for a new bronzer so may give this one a go. Will definitely have to get it in the lighter shade though!

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