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How to make a simple necklace with a curved bar at the bottom

My birthday is on the 19th of September and my family and I are planning on going out for dinner. I realised that so many of my outfits are simple and need a little something extra so I made this quick and easy necklace that I have decided to share with you all.

you will need:
  • chain measured to your chosen necklace length
  • a gold tube/bar (this could also be made from part of a spray painted straw but it would not be curved)
  • lobster clasp
  • jump ring
  • pliers
(all supplies can be found at spotlight for Australians but should be available in most craft stores or online)

Step 1. Thread your tube/bar onto the chain

Step 2. Add a jump ring to one side of the necklace and the lobster clasp to the other.

Step 3. You are done, this is a super simple, quick and easy DIY as long as you have the supplies.

This diy makes a perfect everyday accessory that adds small detail to even the simplest of outfits both everyday or formal.

Will you give this a try?


This post is not sponsored. All opinions and images are my own.

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