happy halloween

trick or treat?

I love Halloween but it is not celebrated very much in Australia (sadly) however that will not stoip me. Here is a quick and easy last minute Halloween costume idea. This can be worn with anything but I think it looks really cute wearing all black.

For the ears you will need a headband (which you may already have), paper matching the colour of your headband and blu tack.
1. Fold the A4 piece of paper in half and in half again, then trace/draw a bunny ear shape making sure the fold is at the bottom.
2. Cut the ears out.
3. Using the blu tack stick the folded ears together making sure you attach the ears to the headband.
Doing to thing way means you can use the headband again.

For the makeup you need simple base makeup (foundation, concealer, etc.), a pigmented pink blush, bronzer, an eyeliner pencil, black/dark brown eyeshadow, mascara, an eyebrow brush and a lip colour of you choice.
1. Apply your base makeup including powder to help keep your makeup on.
2. Using the bronzer, frame your face. It is ok to use a lot as you want it to look more tan like a cute little bunny.
3. Apply blush on the apples or your cheeks
4. Do your eyes as you please and brush up your eyebrows.
5. Draw a triangular shape on your nose and blend it out with a black/dark brown eyeshadow.
6. Draw whiskers and dots on you cheeks.

This makeup and headband costume can be adapted for a cat, all you would need to do is change the shape of the ears and add a cat flick to your eyes.

I hope you all have a lovely Halloween and get loads of yummy sweets xx

What type of sweets are your favourite?


All images and opinions are my own.
Sorry for the lack of images in this post, my computer has been playing up :(

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