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A fresh base to start your makeup

Your base is one of the most important things when doing your makeup. It is the building block of your makeup routine.

Your base starts with a freshly cleansed face, I've been using the Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser (a great alternative for more sensitive skin is the gentle skin cleanser) , it cleanses your skin without stripping it of it's moisture and is working really well on my oily skin.
Next comes moisturiser to hydrate your freshly cleansed skin. The Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser is soft and gentle, perfect for sensitive skin and is equally great for warm and cool weather as it is not heavy but provides the needed moisture.

Now to start with makeup preparation, primer is a great product to protect your skin and help make your makeup last longer. Many primers have built in moisturisers and SPF such as the Face of Australia Face Base Primer with leaves your skin feeling smooth and ready for anything to be placed on top.
Next comes foundation, you should decide what coverage you would like and what products you can use to achieve this. For light-medium coverage I love the Innoxa Natural Finish Makeup as it is a light cream which can be applied with just your hands. For something with a medium but buildable coverage I really like the Rimmel Match Perfection as it gives a flawless effect with a wide colour range meaning there is something for everyone but I have heard that the Loreal Infallible is also really great. After this is when you would apply concealer but I have been skipping this step as my skin has been behaving itself. If you choose to use concealer you should use a lightweight concealer that is about two shades lighter than your skin for under your eyes and for and spots or redness use a green concealer (as green counteracts the red) layered underneath a creamy concealer that is the same colour as your foundation.

Last comes powder such as the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder to set your face and prevent shine, you could choose to skip powder if your skin does not get to oily and you love the dewy look. After powder you would continue with your usual makeup routine.

The most important step when looking after your base (or face and skin) it to drink water as it hydrates and cleanses your body which in turn gives you glowing and healthy skin as well as many other health benefits. Alongside this you should keep a balanced diet with regular exercise.

What does your 'base' routine include?


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