be mine - origami heart

be my Valentine

Create your own DIY origami heart:

1 - Fold a square piece of paper in half diagonally one way, unfold and then do the same for the other half.

2 - Fold one corner into the centre.

3 - Fold the opposite corner to meet the folded edge on the other side.

4 - With the newest folded edge at the bottom, fold the sides to meet the crease line in the middle.

5. Fold the corners over on the opposite side to finish your heart!

This can be used as a cute handmade card, a gift tag or as a gift alone. An adorable idea would be to make many to decorate your home.

Gift idea: Plants (both real and artificial) are a gift that keeps on giving. I love this kmart chalkboard pot in a super pretty blush colour as you could write a sweet message to your love!


All images are my own.
Sorry for the slight delay, being sick sucks :(

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