geometric coaster diy

geometric illusion coasters

After searching online for a coaster diy I found this pin. It is a pretty and easy diy that I had decided to make from the image alone. The steps I took to make the coasters are:

1. Draw or trace a symmetrical hexagon onto paper and cut this out before outlining it on a piece of corkboard which can easily be found at thrift stores.
2. Using scissors or a knife cut out the hexagon.
3. Using masking tape (or washi tape) mark out a diamond and paint this using the colour of your choice, I found using a cheap beauty sponge gave a nicer finish than painting with a brush. Once this is dry repeat for another diamond.
4. If you would like you could paint another layer, paint the sides or repeat steps 2 & 3 on the bottom of the coaster.

I made 2 coasters, one pink and grey and one pink and red. This would also look great using different materials such as plastic.

Will you make one?


All images are my own. 
DIY idea from but the website has not been visited.

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